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Generating Revenue “Breaking the Paradigm of Selling Cabins

On Monday April 3, 2017 Designworks will be attending the Passenger Experience Conference at the Hamburg Messe – A Halls.  Please join Garen Moreno, Director of Strategic Partnering, as he leads an insightful session on Generating Revenue “Breaking the Paradigm of Selling Cabins, Seats and Onboard Services” The session begins at 12:00pm.

Passengers are never average; they travel with different needs and expectations, yet they are required to fit within the rigid inflexibilities of standardised seats, layouts and services in airplanes and on trains. But what if we disrupt conventional thinking about the onboard experience and make it more responsive to individual preferences? How then do you sell that experience in a way that works for passengers and airlines or railway operators?

Among the guests of Garen´s panel discussion will be Jaap Roukens, Chief Executive Officer, iFLEAT, Nils Steinig, Project Manager Product Development, airberlin, Jaap Roukens, Chief Executive Officer, iFLEAT, Nils Steinig, Project Manager Development & Innovation, airberlin, Jez White, Head of Transport, Seymourpowell and Jeremy White, Head of Transport, Seymourpowell.

Garen Moreno
Strategic Partnering
BMW Group Designworks

Garen has procured and managed successful programs for leading commercial aviation brands, as well as global airframe manufacturing leaders focusing on envisioning and creating the in-flight experience of the future. “The ultimate driving experience is part of our DNA and we hope to influence global mobility driving change for the better. We are passenger experience experts and it is our mission to make travel better.”


Passenger Experience Conference


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