Consumers of today expect consistency wherever they are. Flying between continents is not an excuse to compromise on anything. 5-star dining, premium entertainment, productivity of an office, and the comfort of a home, all set the bar for the business class of today. In addition to these expectations, the way people use the space has also changed.

Multiple technology devices, large water bottles and multitasking have all become the ‘new norm’ and require a new definition of space. Space must not dictate the experience but rather facilitate multiple uses and interactions to organically happen at the same time.

Designworks partnered with EVA Air, a 5-star Taiwanese airline, to design their new Boeing 787 business class and provide customers with an uncompromised, premium in-flight experience. The aim was to create a modern, global, professionally tailored business class, reflecting the international business hub that Taipei is.

Designworks wanted the EVA brand to be felt through its design; design that is confident and quiet, yet has the ability to raise expectations of the experience that the passenger is about to have. The feel of the cabin is spacious and modern. The seats are wide and there is a place for everything. This leaves the passenger with a clear impression that everything has been thought out, and the flight ahead will be a great experience.

“Good design goes unnoticed – when everything is in the right place and natural to use your experience becomes seamless, you don’t notice it, because it is just right”, said Design Director Johannes Lampela of Designworks’ Los Angeles Studio.

“We took a proven seat platform and made it unique to EVA. From privacy, service, interaction, stowage, and amenities, we explored the holistic passenger experience.”

In nature, horizon creates a sense of stability, calmness and space. When applying horizontal lines to the seat and cabin it creates that same sense of calm and stretches the space, in combination with color blocking from dark to light, it creates that natural feeling of grounding and lift.


An accessible place for everything.

The design of the seat and cabin includes several horizontal surfaces that act as different layers for different item categories. What used to be scattered has now been integrated into a hierarchy, giving the design a very clean and transparent feel. Paying close attention to detail, the designers consolidated and optimized the feature layout as well as the space around the control area, making it intuitive and unique.

Influenced by contemporary architecture and furniture design, the color palette of the seat is intentionally muted with a combination of warm gray and brown tones complementing the colorful accents provided by EVA signature service and amenities.

The holistic passenger experience was created through the integration of all elements from boarding to landing, including all service touch points, user friendly design and even takes into consideration the color choice of the flight attendants’ uniform.

By anticipating the needs of the business class passengers of the future, Designworks created a space that puts the passenger in the center, allowing their needs and habits to mold the space and to create a personal experience within the branded experience of the airline.

The design process.