Arguably, one of the most exciting things about creativity is that it is everywhere. Inspiration and curiosity are never used up, and never go out of style. Designworks possesses a truly global mentality and also a thirst for this creativity in all of its forms, anywhere in the world. For Designworks, it is  crucial to connect with local design communities around the world, to share knowledge and expertise, and foster a climate of steady interchange in order to ensure a constant flow of creativity. This exchange is regularly enabled in each of the studios through local events, talks, panels and design exchanges.

Designworks’ Shanghai Studio recently launched its first exclusive exchange platform called ‘Design Crunch’. Part of a studio initiative called ‘Impulse to the Outside’, Design Crunch aims to become an exchange and innovation space, building up creative minds and bringing in new knowledge and thoughts from the outside world. The quarterly rendezvous is tailored as a series of small group events. Topics included disruption and interaction.

Furthermore, taking part in a local ‘User Friendly Conference’ 2017 in Nanjing and as a workshop host, Designworks Shanghai shared its extensive know-how about new interaction models and the creation of visionary concepts inspiring participants to implement these as a new inventive approach into their day-to-day work.

Designworks’ Los Angeles Studio recently hosted a number of events with Soho House, covering topics including automotive design, future user experience as well as innovative and visionary projects outside of the automotive industry. Connections with a varied audience from the creative industry in Los Angeles were established, igniting the participants’ passion for ongoing visionary design, whilst nurturing discussions around the topic of future mobility. Giving an insight into Designworks’ vision of tomorrow, the team was able to foster its audience’s fascination of new technologies, new design and a new way of living.

Offering Munich’s creative network a new design meet up, ‘KIOSK’, the current project of Designworks’ Munich Studio, serves as an opportunity to foster creative insights. The first KIOSK featured the design professor and author Jan-Erik Baars, who introduced his thoughts about Leading Design. Under the title ‘Digital Buzz’, the second KIOSK gave guests the opportunity to explore an interactive exhibition about physical and digital prototyping. Attendees were introduced to the concept of ‘Embodied Storytelling’, referring to the use of technologies to create fully immersive experiences at a radical new level. The team shared some of their latest projects, tools and fun moments.

Future events are planned and will be announced on our Linked In page.