Crystal Cabin Award 2017

“Innovation for the Cabin Interior of the Future:

Leveraging the Fixstern process and Cross Industry learnings to drive innovation”

Neil Brooker works as Global Director Strategic Partnering, Creative Consulting and Operations at BMW Group subsidiary Designworks. As a design consultancy working across diverse industries with a focus on mobility and digital experiences, Designworks is deeply involved in shaping the connected future of mobility and the way we experience it.

In innovation projects for BMW and clients from aviation and  rail to the consumer electronics industry Designworks applies BMWs holistic and innovative research and design process “Fixstern” (fixed star) to drive innovation and business growth.

The process creates a far future vision, a focal point that all stakeholders can share in common, align to, and drive towards. In his speech, Neil Brooker will share insights on how this pioneering approach to innovation inspires new ways of thinking and new processes of implementation for future solutions.

Recent launches for which the FIXSTAR process was applied include the BMW i Inside Future, a vision of an automotive interior predominantly designed for a fully automated driving experience (presented together with BMW at CES 2017 in Las Vegas) and the Next 100 Vision Vehicles.

At Designworks Neil is responsible for uncovering and fostering all partnerships, client relationships and developing consulting opportunities as well as leading global operations.


BMW i Inside Future Enabling Future Premium User Experiences.