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Garen Moreno, Director, Strategic Partnering, at Designworks’ Los Angeles Studio, will be part of the Future Travel Experience Global 2018 event, taking place 10-12 September in Las Vegas. Under the title “Disrupt or be disrupted”, the conference will explore the change the air travel industry is facing and what steps need to be taken to prepare for the future. Garen will take a role as a “provocateur” for the “Up in the Air” conference. Moderating the session “The future of travel, and guest experiences, according to those with disruptive visions” and chairing the session “How can we stop stifling innovation?”. The discussions aim to provide a platform for open and honest discussion between a variety of stakeholders about how they can work together to deliver meaningful improvements on board aircraft.

Garen Moreno,

Director, Strategic Partnering,

Los Angeles Studio