Today, complex topics including autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, social conflicts and sustainability are shaping the agenda for user interaction designers and confronting them with a major challenge: How can we enable users to emotionally connect to topics that are unfamiliar or seemingly irrelevant to their daily lives?

On 18th May, Yedan Qian from the Designworks Munich Studio delivered a keynote speech at VR Scifest, an international festival dedicated to immersive technology in Science and Art. Taking place in Stockholm, VR Scifest brings together some of the masterminds in immersive technology to share their ideas and projects where science and creativity are intertwined, immersing people in new experiences, new thoughts, and new outlooks.

In her speech, Yedan will share insights on how to create fully immersive experiences through new technologies such as VR, haptics and AI. She will introduce “Embodied Storytelling”, a new storytelling approach that enables users to live stories first-hand, as they experience being another self, living in a different world. Using technologies to reconfigure our body sensation and perception, Yedan will illustrate how this visceral, personal experience can lead to a heightened empathy and identification with remote topics.

Together with the Designworks team, Yedan pushes the boundaries of technology to transform how we perceive, understand and engage in future user experiences.

New technologies such as VR, Haptics and AI can help creating fully immersive experiences, enabling  designers to create emotional connections to unfamiliar or complex topics. 

“Interaction designers need to act responsibly when pushing the boundaries of technology to transform how we perceive and engage in future user experiences.”   – Yedan Qian, Interaction Designer, Designworks.

More information about VR Scifest and Yedan’s talk can be found here: http://vrscifest.com/fest/

As part of this topic, Yedan also took part in the Design Management Conference in Bonn, Germany, in April. Under the title “Design & Innovation Management in the Age of Transformation”, the conference explored how design is humanizing technology in fin-tech, digital health and future technologies.

More information about DMI and Yedan’s talk can be found here: http://www.dmi.org

Furthermore, Yedan spoke at Interaction18, an annual design summit and significant event for the global interaction community. Organized by The Interaction Design Association (IxDA), this one week summit set out to consider and discuss how technology and design are shaping the world moving forward, by building bridges across cultures, disciplines and industries, in order to reach shared goals.

More information about IxDA and Yedan’s talk can be found here: https://interaction18.ixda.org