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2018 sees an exciting milestone for Designworks, as the youngest of the three studios in Shanghai opens the doors to its newly located studio in Sinar Mas Plaza. Due to a rapidly expanding client base, Designworks has relocated to a larger office in the neighborhood of the North Bund. The state-of-the-art facility will be home to a fast growing team of designers, strategists and researchers, providing a hub for creative stimulation, and enabling the team to draw and nurture inspiration on a daily basis.


Under the leadership of Annette Baumeister, Studio Director of Designworks Shanghai since 2016, the studio has experienced significant growth across a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, home appliances, aviation, rail and premium automotive. With a multicultural team, an organic work organization and a multi-disciplinary capability, the Shanghai Studio has become a strategic partner for its clients by jointly tailoring design projects and foreseeing the future opportunities of the market.

“China continues to be a leading voice in the world of design” says Annette Baumeister. “From its size, speed of change and culture of true innovation, by being part of this powerful marketplace, Designworks continues to build invaluable, extensive local experience.  This knowledge is applied at the core of our work, benefitting both our customers in China, and globally.”

The most recent project delivered by Designworks Shanghai highlights the team’s ability to combine physical and digital design to produce a truly integrated, user centric solution.

Yuneec, a global Chinese electrical aircraft manufacturer, approached Designworks with the challenge to create the future of drone flight.

Using in-depth design research on the user experience, helped informed the new drone design. How design is manifested and expressed through form, material, texture, colors, and user interaction, utility and style – are all shaped by a deep consideration of what the future can be.

In addition to the drone itself, the team developed the user experience and interaction concept for the drone’s controlling app. This includes a user interface that enables training, flight path planning, and control of the drone via a smart watch or phone.

With a growing client base outside of the automotive industry, Designworks holds a premium position within the marketplace, taking innovative and visionary design learnings from its ongoing close relationship with its parent company BMW Group, and utilizes this to add value and insights to its clients across other industries.  With experience in future mobility, connected products and smart living products, Designworks remains a leading global voice in innovation and visionary design.