Celebrating Success

Designworks has been recognized for outstanding design and innovation in the 2018 Red Dot Awards.

As one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned design awards, this year Red Dot received submissions from over 59 countries, assessing the most innovative and future focused product designs in the industry.



This year, Designworks won awards for work in the technology and computer design sector.

“We are delighted with the award wins, and continue to drive forward with design solutions which not only answer the challenges set by our clients, but that push the boundaries of design” said Holger Hampf, President of Designworks.

Introducing a new design character to the product category, the Corsair Dark Core is a wirelessly chargeable gaming mouse. Featuring an innovative 3-way thumb activated button cluster, which affords a total of 9 fully programmable buttons. Its human centric design offers a swappable right hand side grip that lets users pick according to individual grip and play styles.  Staying true to the Corsair DNA, the design approach is function driven, ensuring the product delivers fully on its user requirements..




The Corsair One is a small form factor high performance computer of an innovative conception.

Built from the ground up and designed without compromise, Corsair One challenges traditional construction, featuring outside housing made of aircraft grade aluminum, with a sheet metal box inside and cover panels outside. Compact in size, stylish in design, this PC fits into any environment.