BMW and Designworks announce 3rd edition of student support initiative BMW CREATIVE LAB

Tuesday 10th February 2016: An exciting day for five young designers studying in Italy. They have been selected to take part in BMW´s CREATIVE LAB and were part of the press conference to announce the 3rd edition of this initiative starting in February 2016. The BMW CREATIVE LAB is a student support initiative developed by BMW Italy together with Designworks and implemented with an annually changing Italian partner

company. For 2016 we will work with STONE ISLAND – an icon in the fashion industry, driven by curiosity with a strong research culture and love for experimentation to investigate into new technologies and materials. Also for the 3rd edition we have joined forces with BMW Motorrad to create a design challenge for the students that addresses the needs of customers not only in the automotive field but also on two wheels.


BMW CREATIVE LAB: To raise awareness for the challenges of today’s product design.

The theme for 2016 is “Nature and Artifice: Design in the age of transformation” broaching the issue of new customer demands and the resulting challenges posed to designers today: ”The Creative Lab really is all about the horizon of opportunities emerging from the fast developments in consumer values, new technologies or innovative materials,” says Sonja Schiefer, Director of Designworks Munich Studio.

“It is a great pleasure for us to join forces with BMW and Designworks – companies with a strong focus on design, driven by the search for what´s next and geared towards innovation” says Carlo Rivetti, President and Creative Director of Stone Island and professor at the Politecnico University of Milan. “This project mirrors the philosophy of Stone Island: Not just because it is driven by research and new technology but also because it fosters a strong relationship with younger generations“, he continues.

PARTICIPANTS 2016: The winner will be awarded a twelve-months internship which he or she will spend at both companies Designworks and Stone Island.

The intent of the initiative is to raise awareness for the challenges of today’s product design, to support young design students who are about to join the workforce and to promote the value of design for the BMW Group not only from a manufacturing but also from a cultural point of

view. The project aims to look at design from an overarching perspective that reaches beyond automotive design while still focusing on the theme of mobility. Partners for the previous editions were Guzzini tablewear as well as Napapirji.