TED 2017

BMW i Inside Future presented at TED Vancouver for launch of the NextVisionaries campaign

Laura Robin, Director of the Los Angeles studio, and Eric Brown, Director of Interaction Design for the LA studio, will be presenting the BMW i Inside Future sculpture to attendees at the 2017 TED Conference in Vancouver April 24-28.

The sculpture will be part of an exhibition on future mobility helping launch the “NextVisionaries” collaboration between BMW and TED.

The “NextVisionaries” ideas competition is aimed at a creative community engaged with various aspects of future mobility where entrants propose vehicle and technological concepts, hardware and software solutions, and ideas for  products and services that have the potential to shape the face of personal transport in tomorrow’s world. For more information go to www.nextvisionaries.com.


Demonstrating visionary interior experiences

Painting a picture of future mobility

If you are attending TED and would like a demonstration of the Inside Future sculpture and get a glimpse our vision for future interior experiences, please visit Laura and Eric at the BMW booth.