The User Friendly Conference is an annual conference attended by user experience professionals in China and one of the largest user experience events of its kind. Designworks will take part in this 3-day event by hosting a workshop and a forum discussion. On November 17th,

Designworks will host the workshop “From Insight to Foresight: Transforming Insights into future opportunities.” On November 18th, we will moderate a panel of experts to discuss “The Next Big Thing of Experience Design”.  

WORKSHOP: “From Insight to Foresight: Transforming insights into future opportunities”. Thursday, November 17th, 3:00-6:00 pm, Suzhou, China.

In the workshop “From Insight to Foresight” Claire Yun and Zhihui Shi from our Shanghai Studio will give concrete guidance on how market and consumer insights can be transformed into future scenarios and strategic recommendations for design by uncovering the ways in which Designworks leverages insight studies as a strategic tool that sets future visions for design directions. Together with the workshop participants they will go through highlights of three key typologies of ‘insight to foresight’ models and share case studies to take the participants through the process of translating insights into vivid future scenarios and design opportunities.

FORUM DISCUSSION: “Next Big Thing of Experience Design”.  Friday, November 18th, 1:00-2.30 pm, Suzhou, China.

Kyle Hsiao from our Shanghai Studio will moderate a panel discussion on “The Next Big Thing of Experience Design”.  The panelists will look into developments and phenomena that will shape the Experience Design of the future. Guest speakers include Steven Hoober (President, 4ourth Mobile), Drew Bamford (Vice president  HTC), Prof. Anind Dey, (HCI Director, CMU) and Luis Alberto Chiang, (Strategy, Creative & Design Domain Leader, IBM).