ADAIA Smart phone

Adventurous Innovation. Designworks embarks on a journey with Adaia to set new precedents for high performance and elegance.

We came up with a design approach to capture and extend Adaia, manufacturer of adventure smart phones, original concept, designing a future-oriented satellite capable adventure smartphone crafted for durability, lightness, and exceptional functionality in extreme environments. The phone‘s grippy rubber exterior features layered contours inspired by 3D topographical models.

These expressive lines mark the territory of adventure, of going beyond the everyday, expressing a unique phone body that balances durability and ergonomic performance.  The interface represents a streamlined solution for delivering important information at what could be a critical time for the user. During the outdoor adventure, function and readability can be potentially lifesaving.


Image of ADAIA smart phone interface and product design

Inspired by 3D topographical models.

ADAIA Smart phone inspired by topography
ADAIA Smart phone real copper

Streamlined solution for delivering critical information.

Image of ADAIA smart phone understanding context Image of ADAIA smart phone user scenario