Allsteel Reflect and Clubhouse

Design for collaboration is fundamentally changing how we think of an “office space”.

Reflect and Clubhouse, part of Allsteel’s Gather Collection, express the fluid nature of workspaces, moving from team collaboration to solitary focus and back again. The two solutions reflect how good design can break up busy open-plan offices with individual and small-group concentration spaces that can be adapted as different task and communications needs arise.

For Reflect, our designers created an enveloping refuge from the open office, a generous space that allows for semi-seclusion for working on your mobile devices or joining a conference call. This is a space for focusing. Clubhouse was designed to serve as a secluded space for any place, a flexible retreat that can work within any workspace. It allows for creating spaces within spaces without the need for fixed walls and systems. Clubhouse can be moved to suit need within an office environment.

“Reflect is a study of space and volume. Depending on orientation, Reflect either opens to its surrounding or shields from it. When two chairs are placed directly across from each other they form a connected space, a sort of a bubble of concentration.”                                                                                              – Johannes Lampela, Director of Design, Los Angeles Studio.



Clubhouse instantly provides a sequestered micro-environment without the disruption and added investment of drywall construction. Since it is a complete standalone unit, Clubhouse is independent from HVAC and sprinkler systems and can easily be relocated as needed.

Reflect: A large, enveloped seat-back reduces  distraction and communicates unavailability.

Clubhouse: A freestanding structure, enabling focus in the open work space.

Design and development process at Designworks, Los Angeles Studio: Solutions for today´s open-plan, activity based office.