Allsteel Clarity Chair

Anywhere You Go, It Works. Anywhere You Work, It Goes. Designworks creates a collaboration chair with next to nothing.

For our client Allsteel, a leading office furniture innovator, we devised the Clarity Chair, a workplace seating solution that delivers the beauty, performance, comfort, and versatility needed in today’s work spaces. Following the principle of, “Anywhere you go, it works. Anywhere you work, it goes.,“ our team crafted a design language focused on the key attributes of simplicity, intuitiveness, honesty, and action to create a lean design that balances form and function.

The development of the Clarity Chair involved extensive user testing to understand how the chair could contribute to a collaborative work environment, motivating collaboration through its simplicity and flexibility. The essence of this was breaking the design down to its most elemental parts, stripping away all redundancy to produce an elegant and efficient chair that was both easy to produce and use.

Image of Allsteel Clarity Collaboration Chair Exploding Parts Image of Allsteel Clarity collaboration task chairs


Image of Allsteel Clarity Collaboration Chair
Image of Allsteel Clarity Lounge Chair

Solution for Collaborative Work Environments.

  • iF Product Design 2013
  • Good Design 2013
  • IDEA Bronze 2013