BMW Group Advanced Design

Constant desire to create true innovations.

BMW Group Design believes in thinking freely to foster a culture of creativity where innovation can evolve and thrive. In this way BMW Group Design is forever reinventing itself while being true to its foundations. In this process, it is always necessary to be one step ahead of the times, in terms of both technology and design.

The result is seen in the leading technology and compelling aesthetics of BMW Group concept vehicles. These visionary concepts give shape to tomorrow’s vehicles today. BMW Group concept studies are the foundations for the models that are today part of the line production of BMW Group automobiles and the inspirations for the models to come.



Advanced design and future vision projects are where Designworks’ skill sets truly shine. BMW Group Design asks Designworks to envision what’s new and what’s beyond, to create what hasn’t been seen yet. Our futuristic capabilities are rooted in a research-based approach and the seamless integration of multiple disciplines within our teams. Working within a dynamic, ever-expanding range of cultural and business contexts gives us the knowledge and agility to define the contours of new trends and behaviors that ultimately impact design decisions.

At Designworks, we help BMW Group Design achieve new standards that meaningfully impact the present age and shape the future through pioneering ideas.

Focal Information Flow.  Fractal Purity.

Image of BMW Group Advanced Design Interior Exploration
Image of BMW Group Advanced Design Alternative Openings Study

Alternative Openings. Asymmetric.

Image of BMW Group Advanced Design Car Study Top View Image of BMW Group Advanced Design Gallery