360° Trend Scan

Knowledge to Unlock the Future.

BMW Group Design spends a significant amount of time and energy researching trends, user behavior, and phenomena related to design and its impact on BMW Group product and services.

At Designworks, our ability to track and apply the most up-to-date knowledge from a wide spectrum of industries and cultures gives us the power to define the future of design and give our clients the critical edge over the competition.

360° Trend Scan is a research program that scans the globe to identify the latest trends and cultural drivers shaping industries and new business behaviors. Through the constant monitoring of design-related phenomena we give our clients a critical advantage that allows them to expand their influence locally and globally.

Twice a year, our teams come together to identify patterns, themes, and phenomena that will inform future design directions, and mark out the “what”, “where”, and “why” of design within the specific cultural contexts our clients operate in. The knowledge assimilated through 360° Trend Scans guides our teams as they work closely with clients to define what’s relevant and what’s next.

By bringing diverse voices to the conversation, looking at the big picture and focusing in on the specificities of unique projects, we catalyze a rich design dialogue that encompasses aesthetics, cultural factors, and industry dynamics. All of this coalesces into an agile, constantly moving process of exploration and discovery that keeps us fresh.

Design-related phenomena provides a critical advantage.

Image of 360 Degree Trend Scan design context
Image of 360 Trend Scan details

Diverse lenses to the conversation, catalyze a rich design dialogue.

Image of 360 Degree Trend Scan creative results Image of 360 Degree Trend Scan Observations