BMW X Family

X stands for an entirely new vehicle category.

It all started with an X. This letter was first used as a model designation for a BMW automobile as early as in the mid-1980s to indicate that it featured four-wheel drive technology. Fifteen years ago, the letter X became the symbol of an entirely new vehicle category and, at the same time, of a very special form of driving pleasure. The BMW X5 made its debut as the world’s first Sports Activity Vehicle, soon going on to conquer not only the road but also off-road terrain. Once again BMW Group had demonstrated its extraordinary sense for innovative and future-oriented vehicle concepts. The introduction of the BMW X5 in 1999 laid the foundation for the unique success story of BMW X models worldwide.

Designworks played a key role in BMW Group’s venture into X vehicles and made a vital contribution to the development of the design concepts for the very first X5 and for later models including the X1, X3, and X6.



For Designworks, the creation of concepts for an entire new vehicle category was a very rewarding project. It was a matter of taking inspiration and impulses from the California lifestyle, working in close collaboration with BMW Group Design, and translating it into meaningful concepts for many of the X vehicles.

The creation of the BMW X Family is another example of how BMW Group looks to the future to create the next generation of personal mobility and establish new trends for the industry to follow.


Image of BMW X1 tape drawing

Superior sporting characteristics, a great match with the California spirit.

Elegance, agility and ruggedness.

Image of BMW X3 on grey background