Bocuse d’Or USA Platters

Great Food Meets Great Design. Designworks uses the power of design to capture a chef’s vision.

Presentation is everything. Especially at the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest. Heraded as the Olympics of fine cuisine, the Contest annually pits some of the world’s top chefs against one another, challenging them to create cuisine that is not only exceptional in taste but exquisitely presented. This is where Designworks comes into the picture.

For the 2011 Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France, the Bocuse d’Or USA Foundation selected Chef James Kent to represent Team USA. To set the stage for this, the Foundation tapped Designworks to create custom presentation platters to wow the prestigious panel of judges. Our designers worked closely with Chef Kent to capture the inspiration behind his culinary masterpieces, translating his ideas into a design language that would express the essense of his cuisine.

For the competition, Kent created a meat platter and a fish platter, each based on different concepts and drawing from different parts of his life. The meat platter, inspired by the energy and architecture of New York City, was represented by a strong vertical orientation. This platter design embodied a very clear sense of order and grounded purpose with the main dish as the centerpiece, evoking a skyscraper rising above a low-lying neighborhood. To communicate this, the material pallete of the platter was intentionally architectural, comprised of glass, stone, and metal elements. The glass represented windows. The stone represented the pillars and building foundation and the metal reflected the fine details and building accents.  The fish platter, inspired by childhood memories of summers spent at Sag Harbor, had a strong horizontal presence to evoke the flows of nature. The platter base was carefully shaped by hand to create a layered and natural rhythm.  The centerpiece communicated a floating lightness.  The team selected materials that were both premium and from a cool palette to create a reflection similar to the ocean.


The fish platter

was inspired by

summer childhood


Image of Bocuse d'Or Team USA Fish Platter
Image of Bocuse d'Or Team USA Meat Platter

The meat platter was inspired by the architecture of NYC.

Image of Bocuse d'Or Team USA Platter Design Story