CLEER NX Headphone

CLEER NX Headphone: Expanding business through Premium and Timeless Design

Inspired by mechanical timepieces and horology, the NX headphone is the latest design from Designworks for CLEER. The NX over-ear headphone features precise and finely detailed articulations, plush leather and refined stitch work. Just like a fine watch, the NX headphone becomes a timeless piece to add to any audiophile’s collection

To achieve the premium, functional design the Designworks’ team applied a philosophy of craftsmanship and comfort with each detail exquisitely crafted.

Comfort was enhanced with light-weighting in material selection and decorative, non-functional parts were eliminated. Buttons are replaced with intuitive interactions.

The NX headphone is CLEER’s flagship headphone and its first entry into the high-end, audiophile grade category. The CLEER NX design targets enthusiasts, and therefore exudes the qualities this demanding public is looking for. It is designed to provide decades of listening enjoyment.

Craftsmanship down to the smallest details

Lightweight alloy construction and plush padding for maximum comfort

 “The NEX headphone prioritizes performance, comfort, timelessness and premium quality through use of durable and premium materials” Adil Ali, Lead Designer.