Pushing the boundaries of technology through user-centric design: the new Yuneec drone.

How can a drone be much more than just the expression of technology, something that is also an experience in itself that can embody a “journey” for users? What are the emotional drivers that define the personal remote flight experience and how can design address those needs? How can technology inform a shared drone experience that plugs into the sense of community held by drone enthusiasts?

Designworks answered these questions and more, to inform the new, human centric, drone design for Yuneec.

Focusing on delivering a user-centric experience, Designworks not only created a new drone design, but also crafted and delivered an interaction concept for the drone’s controlling app. By creating a user interface that enables training and flight path planning, controlled via a smart watch or phone, accessibility of the drone market becomes significantly impacted, encouraging wider uptake and lowering barriers to entering the drone market.

Simplifying the user experience through innovative technology.

The app supports all levels of drone users – designed to introduce new flyers to the drone experience through pre-programmed demonstrations, it helps novice flyers to learn through a simple and structured approach. For more advanced pilots, more complex flight experiences have been designed into the system as demonstrations, helping to add value to their flying experience and positively challenging their skill set.

The app also gives users the freedom to control the drone with one hand while integrating social sharing capabilities for an enhanced shared experience. It offers an enhanced pilot experience through AR and VR interaction scenarios, whilst giving users the freedom to keep their ‘eyes in the sky’ and follow the flight of their drone, live.



The drone design reflects a “best in class” feeling, through clean lines and a forward inclining sense of speed and motion. The dual hull design, with its light reveal patterns, reflective surfaces, and futurist look are all expressive of this idea of celebrating the dynamism and potential of flight.

Designed to be efficient, modular, and portable, it was also important to highlight the details: the foldable black propellers carried by bronze pivots that allow for a novel folding dual hull.