Hello Oral Care Line

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hello™ came about when CEO and founder, Craig Dubitsky, noticed that the world of oral healthcare was dominated by products whose messaging was aggressive and warlike, using terms like “kill,” “fight,” and “attack,” and whose packaging was industrial and hard-edged. To Craig, this seemed like an arsenal of weapons for some “battle” consumers were waging in their mouths. hello™, the counterpoint to this, offers a line of more humanized, eco- and bio-friendly oral care products. To communicate this, welcoming and well-thought-out packaging, geared for an enhanced user experience, was essential.

Our breakthrough solution was to strike the perfect balance between form and function, embodying the notion of keeping things friendly, natural, chemical-free, and beautiful by employing more intimate, approachable, softly contoured forms. Our unique packaging design transforms the old “pain equals efficacy” model that was the cornerstone of this product category and brings hello’s “friendly” vision to life.

Image of hello collage of sketch concepts

Creating a counterpoint with a humanized, eco and bio friendly solution.

Image of hello breathspray
Image of hello toothpaste

Disrupting a Category.

  • iF Communication Design 2014
  • IDEA Finalist 2014
  • Red Dot 2014