Integrated Materials

Designworks creates new levels of value, competitiveness and leadership through an integrated design approach.

Integrated Material Intelligence fuses creativity and Triple Bottom Line business to foster innovation for increased product quality while combining cost and sustainable profitability with responsibility.


Our holistic approach is based on process intelligence, ring of competences and a smart consulting tool which we have developed together with our world class partners. IMPACT is our proprietary consulting tool that links intuition and measurability, enabling nimble decision making.

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Siemens’ sustainability award winning rail design, Inspiro, was accomplished through an integrated approach of design and materials that dramatically improved cost and footprint.  The award was granted to Siemens because of their commitment and enthusiasm for putting sustainability into practice.

For Siemens, sustainability is not only a basic ethical principle, but also a question of market and business potential in a globally competitive environment.  Inspiro is a good example of creating leadership position through a holistic approach, exceeding all success criteria and stakeholder expectations.

Image of Siemens Inspiro Metro Interior Design Image of Integrated Materials Intelligence for Siemens

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