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Audeze iSINE

The iSINE  looks and performs like no other! Breaking with paradigms in in-ear headphones, Designworks and Audeze collaborated to innovate on the world’s first planar magnetic in-ear monitor: the iSine.

This unique product’s sound quality is truly like no other so the design challenge was to make sure the iSine also looked like no other, positioning the iSine as the first of its kind in the market.

The iSine drastically shrinks the proprietary technology powering larger Audeze headphones, resulting in a package smaller and lighter than an over-the ear design yet larger than an earphone.

Designworks set out to create a performance driven design, highlighted by the open back clad with structural housing and fine metal mesh, that minimizes reflections and diffractions. Its contours follow the profile of an ear to ensure long term comfort and a secure fit.

The iSine is a testimony to innovative and functional driven design.


The iSine is only one of a series of products we created for Audeze. To find out more about the SINE, the iSINE series as well as the EL-8 series that is being sold in Apple stores worldwide, visit