MINI AR Glasses

Future Vision.  MINI Augmented Reality Glasses make the future a reality.

Designing glasses is an art where every hundredth millimeter counts and the tiniest details determine success. Now add to this, the extremely complex requirements of augmented reality (AR) technology and connectivity to a car. This is the leap into the future MINI challenged us to make in order to come up with augmented reality glasses capable of defining a new driving experience, where the driver’s field of vision is augmented with useful overlays of digital information.

MINI entrusted our design team with the look and feel of the AR glasses and how the driver experiences and interacts with the digital interface. One major challenge we faced was how to turn an extremely technical device into a desirable lifestyle object that resonates with MINI’s brand identity while offering an unrivaled augmented reality experience that enriches the experience of driving.

With an appreciation for materials and attention to precision, scale, and aesthetics, we transferred the design language of MINI onto the glasses. We then designed the user interface to guide drivers intuitively through a flow of meaningful information instead of a string of singular events. The AR experience we created is uniquely based on a “motion concept” in which orientation and structure make it easy for the user to find her bearings in the real world with its augmented reality overlays.

Interconnect mobility applications inside and outside the vehicle.

See-through technology increases safety and comfort.

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