MINI Icehotel

Dreaming in Snow and Ice. Designworks helps MINI extend its brand personality.

Sometimes, you get the opportunity to do something truly extraordinary. In Sweden’s remote north, we were commissioned by MINI to extend the brand and design one suite in the famed ICEHOTEL.

Attracting more than 50,000 visitors, the hotel is constructed by invited artists and designers from around the world each year. This time, it was our turn to create an inspiring room concept and oversee its implementation.

The hotel, which melts away and is then rebuilt every year, is in a state of perpetual transformation, part of a recurring cycle of awakening and slumbering, departure and arrival, vibrancy and tranquility. This natural, cyclical transformation was the inspiration for the design concept of the “MINI Evolution” suite.

The concept tells the story of the transformation of an icon, of a magical metamorphosis and the evolution of animals, creatures and objects that proudly want to become a true MINI. It is a fairytale, a fantasy, a dream in snow and ice. Guests of the MINI Suite are invited to become part of this dream, to unlock their imaginations and contemplate in an atmosphere in which anything is possible. ICEHOTEL demonstrates our designers’ capacity for unbounded imagination while working with the unique challenges of a truly novel approach to creating compelling environments and experiences.


Image of MINI Icehotel transformation

Transformation of an icon.

Image of MINI Icehotel complete detail
Image of MINI Icehotel suite complete

Unbounded Imagination.



  • iF Gold 2015