NIU M1 e-Scooter

Shanghai Designworks Takes Design Excellence to City Streets with Niu’s M1 e-Scooter.

More than ever before, individual mobility is defined by sustainable solutions: Growing traffic, deteriorating air quality, and rising energy costs jointly contribute to an increasing need for single-track individual mobility solutions.

Niu recognized these challenges and asked Designworks Shanghai to develop a first generation of premium electric scooters for urban mobility in Chinese & European cities. With the Millenial generation requirements constantly evolving, Niu developed a second generation electric scooter that is more compact, light-weight, and suitable for short distance transportation.

Designworks was pleased to support Niu in creating design solutions for the new generation of Niu’s electric scooter, the M1.  The Shanghai Studio’s expertise in transportation and advanced product design and understanding of the China market matched suitably to Niu’s ambition to make the best electric scooter for the market.

Fundamentally, Designworks created an emotional connection between the user and the holistic mobility experience of Niu’s e-scooter. Parallel to this,  Designworks applied its expertise in translating the stated brand values and business benefits into emotional design statement that were specific to the Niu brand.

Accelerating curves and forward stance create a sense of positive motion, energy, and an exhilarating ride.

The iconic front and rear lamp designs provide extended visibility for the rider and to on-coming traffic.

Global Function and Aesthetics

The sculptural design is inspired by the themes of mobility, modernity, youth & technology. Proportions are defined by short overhangs, a continuous primary visual element and radical upward and directional lines. The e-scooter design expresses simplicity, lightness and agility. The powerful surface tension in the design gives a harmonious and strong presence.

Finally, Designworks created the user interaction design of the app: The M1 is always connected to the NIU Cloud, allowing riders to monitor data in real-time, and enable riders to conduct diagnostic checks and gather statistics straight from their mobile phone.