S2 Stagger Seat

Premium comfort for the long haul economy class: S2 Widest Economy Seat  with the Widest Inflight Entertainment Monitors.

Designworks teamed up with Molon Labe and Panasonic Avionics to create a whole new class of economy seat. This design has made the short-list of the Crystal Cabins Awards, the international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation.

In a world where airlines are pushed towards densification to increase revenues, the team set out to resolve the inevitable comfort crunch in economy seating. Offering a method to increase revenues whilst also helping improve the passenger experience.

The S2 also called the Stagger Seat takes the ergonomic advantages of the unique Side-Slip Seat and translates it into a reclining, long-haul economy seat like no other By offsetting the middle seat vertically and for/aft the Stagger Seat offers more living space to all occupants. The arms, thighs and elbows of all passengers are no longer adjacent.

Visually it appears to be a rather small offset, but ergonomically it makes a huge difference in passenger comfort. The middle-seat is also 3 inches wider whilst the other seats maintain their standard width.

In addition to the staggered design our design team added delineated, sculpted armrests and a unique one-sided headrest. Panasonic capitalized on the wider middle seat and added an immersive 18” monitor, the widest IFE screen available in economy class. The outer seats also benefit from a 16” monitor which are also larger than the standard 13.3” IFE commonly used in economy.