SCI Interface

On the Frontiers of Data Visualization. Designworks helps SCI make sense of big data, while reducing costs.

For SCI, a leading energy management company, we created an innovative iPad interface for energy performance monitoring. Our future-forward design took 3D interactive elements to the next level, bringing practical and cost-saving benefits to users.

Working within an intensive timeframe, our team worked aggressively to meet the client’s goals with a focus on mobility, agility, and high-performance. The interface was designed to enable building maintenance engineers and managers to measure and track the performance of building systems, including real-time tracking to ensure that LEED certified buildings are continually achieving performance criteria.


In close collaboration with the client we devised a platform based on highly visual, interactive 3D elements that represent complex energy data through easy-to-read and engaging infographics. The interface leads the user through a clear hierarchy of building information, from global to specific, allowing for “deep dives“ into the data. The directness and clarity of the interface translate into real cost savings by reducing the number of steps needed to achieve results. The system was also designed to offer developers the ability to create new modules, and customers the flexibility to configure it to meet specific needs.

The first sequence was geared for a maintenance engineer.

Image of SCI Interface Design and Engineer Dashboard
Image of SCI wireframes for interface design

The second sequence was designed for a general manager.

Image of SCI Interface Design Various Screens