Design to improve the hydrogen refueling experience.

Designworks was commissioned by Shell to develop the design of a new hydrogen dispenser to enhance the future refueling experience. Hydrogen dispenser models currently on the market are based on those designed for conventional fuels therefore the consumer experience leaves room for improvement. Designworks approached the hydrogen dispenser project by applying BMW’s innovative and holistic research and design process “Fixstern” (fixed star). The Fixstern approach to innovation creates an insight driven, far future vision and focal point that all stakeholders can share in common, align to, and drive towards.

The Designworks team created Oasis, a dispenser concept that departs from the traditional “H” or “L” shaped fuel dispensers presently on the market. It introduces a new product typology with an “I” shaped, pillar-like design with friendly appeal. Oasis takes inspiration from natural forms and elegantly rises upwards creating a beacon both from close up and from a distance. The Shell dispenser design is clean and remarkably simple with shrouded mechanical parts. The main features of the new design are a light guidance system, a generous information screen and an innovative nozzle for refueling.

LED lights, integrated at the side of the dispenser, help guide the overall flow of cars on the forecourt by providing precise and clearly visible information about the dispenser´s occupancy and the remaining fueling time.


The design team created a new pick up and mount mechanism for the refueling nozzle, which provides a highly intuitive way of removing and returning the nozzle. To make the refueling experience even more comfortable, a screen was integrated directly into the nozzle handle to guide the user through the refueling process step by step.

Innovative pick up and mount mechanism for an enhanced user experience.

Clear and easy graphical communication concept.

Beyond offering an innovative refueling experience, the new dispenser concept, with its clean design language and easy to use functionality, makes a clear statement about the future of hydrogen. The Oasis hydrogen dispenser was launched by Shell at the Hannover Fair, Germany in April 2017.