Siemens Inspiro Metro

One Train for Many Cities. Designworks creates a platform design for Siemens that works in diverse cities.

How do you communicate the power of place? Through design that connects with people on a visercal and experiential level. This is what our design for Siemens’ Metro Inspiro transit system is all about. When Siemens came to Designworks and said they wanted us to design the transit system of the future, we responded with agile, forward-thinking designs.  After Siemens won pitches with our platform design in two radically different cities, Kuala Lumpur and Warsaw, we created the local adaptations.  Key to our design approach was the optimization of transport capacities and the flexibility for different cities to personalize their train systems to suit local identities and embody the spirit of each place.

For the Kuala Lumpur Metro Inspiro, identity was a key driver. The design was inspired by the city’s balance of tradition and progress. Under the name “Guiding Light,“ the design takes a bow to the rich heritage of the city while making a strong statement abot its future trajectory.

For Metro Warsaw, our design team was challenged to address the increased demands on travel comfort and spatial perception.  The design team focused on aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and cost-effective efficiency.  In the exterior, this is visible through state-of-the-art door-light graphics, based on the hourglass principle, which provide passengers with real-time information on the remaining boarding time.  One central feature of the interior is the innovative handrail concept. Called  “Light-Tree”, it is reminiscent of branches on a tree and provides passengers with numerous advantages.


Image of Siemens Inspiro Metro Guidling Light Color, Materials, and Finish concept

Designs that embodied the spirit of both places.

Image of Siemens Inspiro Metro Exterior
Image of Siemens Inspiro Metro Interior Concept

“Light-Tree” is reminiscent of branches on a tree, providing numerous user advantages.

Image of Siemens Inspiro Metro for Kuala Lumpur
  • Good Design 2015
  • German Federal Ecodesign Award 2013
  • Austrian Federal Minister, Transport, Innovation & Technology Award 2013