Siragon AIO and Branding

A Return to Design Excellence for Venezuela. Designworks creates unique solution for South American PC Manufacturer.

Seeking to make a splash in the ever-expanding South American PC market, Siragon, a leading Venezuelan PC maker, asked Designworks to come up with a striking, breakthrough for its new AIO (All in One) 9000 model.Accentuating the AIO 9000’s integrated CPU and monitor unit, the design team cantileverd the monitor to one side of the CPU base, creating a weightless, suspended effect while providing easy, clutter-free access to the CPU’s connectors and drives.

This innovation is carried through to the AIO 9000 Series‘ keyboard and mouse, creating a dynamic modular appearance reminiscent of contemporary architecture.  For the corporate identity program, we took inspiration from Siragon’s South American roots, creating a logo with an accent over the “i“ in Siragon. This created a double meaning: stating the word “Si“ and putting an exclamation point in Siragon’s name.


Image of Siragon All in One cantilevered design
Image of Siragon keyboard

Dynamic modular appearance reminiscent of contemporary architecture.

Image of Siragon All in One and mouse


Image of Siragon Corporate Identity design program


  • CES Innovations Award Honoree 2011
  • Intel Summit Innovations Award 2012
  • iF Product Design 2013
  • Good Design 2103