Stratasys F123 Series

Stratasys commissioned BMW Group Designworks, to create a new design language that would serve to unify the look, feel, and physical interaction principles for Stratasys 3D printers and drive efficiencies in product development and marketing.

Designworks began by envisioning how an additive manufacturing machine should be perceived in the future and arrived at the conclusion that a Stratasys machine is an advanced robotic tool. These robotic tools of the future would adapt to their envisioned usage environment, depending on size, specific purpose, and 3D printing technologies, while retaining familiar traits and operating logic.

The new design language conveys approachability and ease of use, and of course expresses a level of excitement and ambition to highlight Stratasys’ world class 3D printing solutions. Users will immediately recognize a Stratasys 3D printer, and feel at home operating and finding interaction areas intuitively through consistent messaging and visual cues.

Striking metal cladding to express performance.

Ease of use of a maker product, with the power of a professional machine.

The F123 Series of 3D Printers is the first to introduce Stratasys’ new design language. It offers expertly crafted user interactions with the ease of use expected from a modern technology product, while delivering production grade parts with stable and proven mechanical properties. Its striking metal cladding expresses the performance, durability and refinement of the machine – making it feel equally at home in a high tech lab or a modern office. Also, its window opening emphasizes the sense of excitement and theater associated with this advance technology.