USA Olympic Team Bobsled

Optimization of machine, environment, and athlete. Designworks, BMW, and the USA Olympic Team make history with innovative design.

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games saw a multi-year collaboration with the USA Olympic Bobsled Team come to fruition as Team USA piloted a fleet of innovative carbon fiber BMW 2 Man bobsleds to the medal ceremony. With these sleds, USA athletes have now won 36 medals in the 2014/15 World Cup competition; set several new track records; won the 2 Man World Cup Championship; the Women’s World Championship; and ultimately captured 50% of all Olympic medals in 2 Man and Women’s competition in Sochi, Russia.

At the heart of this sled lies BMW EfficientDynamics; an approach optimizing geometries, kinematics, materials, and aerodynamics in the quest of outright speed. Beginning with an intensive immersion with the bobsled team, Designworks’ creative process included defining criteria for development, ideation, athlete scanning, digital modeling, countless iterations and simulations, on track testing, and numerous feedback loops with the USA athletes. The resulting BWW 2 Man sled is smaller, sleeker, and lighter.

We’re proud to contribute to Team USA’s outstanding success, and to be part of making history with the first Olympic medal for the US in 2 Man Bobsled competition in 62 years.

Image of BMW Bobsled Start

Top photo courtesy of Al Bello/Getty Images.  Above photo courtesy of Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images.

Image of BMW Bobsled sketch

Image of BMW Bobsled by Getty Images/George Frey
Image of BMW Bobsled Start for Women Team

2014 Olympics:

Silver & Bronze, Women

Bronze, Men

Right diagonal image photo courtesy of Getty Images.  Left diagonal image photo courtesy of Julian Fetty/Getty Images.

  • Olympic Silver Medal 2014 (Women)
  • Olympic Bronze Medal 2014 (Men and Women)
  • World Cup Champions 2015
  • World Cup Champions 2014