Thermaltake Level 10

Virtual World in a Physical Form. Designworks collaborates with Thermaltake to expand business and position a brand.

When Thermaltake, a leading high-end gaming tower manufacturer, asked the Munich studio of Designworks USA to reimagine their popular Level 10 gaming station, the design team came up with a novel concept that balanced Thermaltake’s signature high performance with superior user experience, innovation, and iconic design.

Our Munich studio’s approach successfully translated Thermaltake’s industry leading game tower ventilation system (powerful gaming towers develop a lot of heat so ventilation is critical) into a singular modular design defined by easy-access and a plug-in approach. The Level 10 tower is expressed as a strong vertical ventilation core with horizontal plug-in system components. This unique design, while aesthetically breaking down what is typically a monolithic tower body into individually encased system components, expresses the tower’s optimized performance and superior cooling capabilites.

The easy-access, plug-in design successfully differentiates Thermaltake, giving them a competitive edge within the gaming tower market. Our design was awarded the 2011 Reddot Design Award for product design.

Based on the success of the gaming tower design, Designworks USA was commissioned by Thermaltake to develop a consistent family of Level 10 accessories, employing Level 10’s refined bent aluminum design language with clean structural lines and signature contours for products such as the Level 10 Mouse and high-performance gaming headset. Developing the designs for this family of accessories required a close attention to ergonomics and a deep consideration for the user experience.

Image of Thermaltake Level 10 Gaming Station

Thermaltake Level 10 Gaming Station.

Image of Thermaltake Level 10 Gaming Headset
Image of Thermaltake Level 10 Gaming Mouse side view

Thermaltake Level 10 Headset and Mouse.

  • Recognition
  • Popular Science Best of What’s New Award 2013
  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2013
  • China Chiphel Recommended Award 2013
  • National Invention and Creation Award 2013
  • Red Dot Product Design 2013
  • iF Product Design Gold 2013
  • Good Design 2013
  • COMPUTEX d&i Gold 2012
  • Good Design 2012
  • Golden Pin Award 2012
  • Red Dot Product Design 2010
  • iF Product Design 2010
  • IDEA Bronze Award 2009