Varian EDGE™ Radiosurgery Suite

Disruptive Technology and Design.  Designworks partners with Varian Medical Systems to design a radiosurgery suite.

The Varian EDGE™ Radiosurgery Suite is a fully integrated dedicated system for performing advanced radiosurgery using real-time tumor tracking technology and motion management capabilities.  It represents the first really disruptive technology in radiosurgery in close to two decades, combining state-of-the-art linear accelerator technology with real-time tracking and patient positioning.

Varian and Designworks designed the EDGE to facilitate fast, accurate delivery of stereotactic radiosurgery to treat any condition amenable to this type of treatment, including tumors of the lung, prostate, brain, spine, and other indications throughout the body.

Prior to working together on the EDGE Radiosurgery Suite, Designworks partnered with Varian for the design of TrueBeam.

Industrial design, color, materials, and finish, and branding

Image of Varian Edge Radiosurgery Suite front view
Image of Varian Edge Radiosurgery Suite

Design for medical is both rewarding and challenging.

  • Recognition
  • Good Design 2014
  • Good Design 2012
  • ID Magazine Design Distinction 2012
  • Red Dot Product Design 2011
  • R&D 100 Awards 2011

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