By the beach, on a train, or at home. Same productivity, different office.

konica minolta spoke
two konica minolta spokes

The future of the office is not one physical place.

konica minolta spoke sketch

Office flexibility is not a millennial thing.

If an office today can be in a living-room, a coffee-shop or a car, where do you think it’s going to be tomorrow?

Our partnership with Konica Minolta was about understanding how work and life will be balanced in the future. Our task was to design the tools that can make that balance real, productive and flexible.

konica minolta close up
konica minolta close up of buttons

The workspace revolution is travelling faster than office gossip but it has a very clear message: The future workplace is not a place to commute to but a place to connect.

Spoke is a smart, portable device that connects you to your work from wherever you are.

It’s designed to combine the features of a server, camera, bluetooth speaker and projector. Which means you can very efficiently work alone or collaborate with others, have team meetings and conference calls, and even project charts on screens or the wall. All the beautiful things an office has to offer. Minus the coffee.

  • konica minolta spoke working from home

    Enhancing personal productivity and improving collaborative and mobile work experiences.

  • konica minolta spoke working from home

    Design which enhances remote collaboration.

  • konica minolta spoke at the office

    An office tool and lifestyle object that fits into any work related environment.

  • konica minolta spoke in bed

    A solution that represents a completely new product type.