Our Response to COVID-19

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The Road Ahead.

To our Partners, Colleagues, and Friends,

We sincerely wish you well during the current COVID-19 crisis and the challenges that we are all facing during this difficult time. Please know that our immediate priority is towards the health, well-being, and safety of our staff, clients, and colleagues.

Designworks first experienced the effects of COVID-19 last month during the Chinese New Year with our Shanghai team. This led to the team’s transition to a work-from-home model and temporary closure of the studio.

We are pleased to report that our Shanghai team impressively overcame the challenges in China by utilizing remote working tools and, as one would expect, creative ways to communicate, collaborate, and workshop as creative teams do! We will be returning to the studio shortly and we can truly attest to the fact that business can continue during these challenging times!

As the pandemic has reached our Munich and Los Angeles studios, learning from our experiences in China, we have adopted the same work-from-home policy to these locations. Our teams are coping very well, and our servers too! We are able to keep our creative spirit alive and client projects on schedule, while continuing to maintain the associated security you expect from us.

Business continuity and the success of our clients is at the very core of Designworks. As always, you can reach us through email, phone, and social media.

As creatives with one global culture and community, we are well equipped to adapt, see solutions in challenges, and find opportunity in disruption. We will utilize all the tools and technology available to us to keep our communication channels open and explore new ways of working. We will continue to deliver our clients’ projects as expected, staying committed to our mission of creating a brighter future for us all to look forward to.

As a matter of fact, challenging ourselves to think outside the box and remain positive is an important attitude to live by. During times like these, creative thinking, agile collaboration, exchange with one another, and pushing forward are truly necessities.

Please let us know how you are doing, if you have any concerns, or how we can help in any way. These are indeed new roads for everyone but together we are confident that we can navigate through them.


Your Global Designworks Team