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Unlocking the Potential in Public Spaces with Landscape Forms

April 30, 2020
Landscape Forms Discussion

For more than a decade now, Landscape Forms and Designworks have been reclaiming public spaces for living through the creation of street furniture. Together we are realizing the potential in public spaces to be areas of both relaxation and mental stimulation.

Staying ahead from an innovation standpoint and serving the landscape architecture community is what drives the designs which invoke a sense of furniture and art at the same time.

“The beauty of working with outside designers is we can cross-pollinate from other industries,” says Kirt Martin, Chief Creative Officer at Landscape Forms.

Read about Landscape Forms’ collaborative process and our partnership with them in Sixtysix Magazine:

Pedestrian scale transit shelter designed for bus or light rail

Collaborating in person between Landscape Forms and Designworks

Evaluating a design concept with Landscape Forms