3F, T3, Lumina 2, No. 317, Longwen Rd.,
Xuhui District, Shanghai 200232, China

+86 021 6032 6250

A market that is changing faster than you can say 'disruption'.

We create impact by making things real. We avoid excessive presentations and abstract frameworks. We aim to make things quickly, successfully and repeatedly. This is how we help our clients stay ahead.

We are serious about our work. Just as serious as we are about having fun while doing it.

We are optimistic about the future, responsible about the impact we create, and unafraid to challenge the system, ourselves, or the rules.

  • Shanghai Team Light Painting
  • Designworks: Team Shanghai
  • Interior view of Shanghai Studio showing plants and furniture.
  • View of the Shanghai Studio interior showing plants and furniture.
  • Co-working space within Shanghai Studio showing seating and floor decoration.