BMW Group Future Exhibition

THE NEXT 100 YEARS Los Angeles:

GQ presents The Future of  Luxury, Sandy McGill Lead Designer at Designworks discussed insights on the future of luxury with George Esquivel, Anthony Batt, and moderator Jonathon Wilde,


During the BMW Next 100 Iconic Impulse tour, the BMW Group is sharing ideas of the future through the BMW Group Future Exhibition.

At the last stop in Santa Monica Designworks supported the tour, participating in the GQ “Future of Luxury” panel discussion. Through BMW Individual consulting, Sandy McGill bridged the master-craft world of George Esquivel and the master-digital world of Anthony Batt.

McGill spoke about the importance of a memorable and exclusive experience in the future of luxury. She used the Designworks BMW Individual consulting program as an example. “Designworks creates a unique BMW experience by offering BMW customers a chance to visit the Los Angeles design studio to create their BMW vehicle through the Individual personalization program. The visit utilizes the 30’ digital “Power Wall” to visualize a customized BMW in real time and in the actual vehicle scale. The digital representation is supported by physical leather, paint and trim samples and a vehicle.”

Jon Wilde editor hosted the event, “The Future of Luxury” with leaders from the fashion, automotive and virtual reality industries.



Insightful discussion on handcrafted personal experiences that influence luxury.

Photo of Sandy McGill at GQ Panel Discussion
Photo of BMW 100 Motorcycle

The BMW Vision Motorrad Next 100 unveiled in Los Angeles.

Photo of the BMW Individual Room

BMW Individual at BMW Group Designworks, Newbury Park Studio.


Photo of GQ Panel Speakers

Anthony Batt  co-Founder, WeVR ,  Sandy McGill Lead Designer, Designworks, Jonathon Wilde, Editor, moderator, George Esquivel master celebrity shoe cobbler.

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