USA Swimming

Motion Tracking System for swimmers introduces analytics to coaching.

USA Swimming approached Designworks to create a training tool that provides coaches and swimmers with analytics for quantitative improvements of the swimmers’ performance.

The resulting Motion Tracking System (AU925) is a combination of computer vision, two software algorithms and body worn LED’s designed to detect and adaptively track a swimmer’s motion. It is a unique and evolving learning system that produces insights for improvement never before possible.

Nathan Adrian, from USA Swimming knows that there is always room for improvement, and that for a

swimmer, form is as important as force. Split seconds can mean the difference between winning a medal and going home empty handed. “Until now teams have had to depend on a coach’s subjective eye to help adjust alignment, strokes, or kicks. With this technology you can take what is working for certain athletes and incorporate it into the coaching for athletes that aren´t as efficient”, Adrian says.

The AU 925 Motion Tracking System enhances coaching through tracking only the joints and limbs desired at that time. The real time analysis delivered from the data helps coaches give better feedback and enables immediate modifications of the training.