BMW i Concepts

Mobility of the future realized today.

As a provider of advanced mobility solutions, the BMW Group recognizes that the world is changing rapidly, and that mobility will have to change with it. With the BMW i brand, the BMW Group has reinvented personal mobility by developing two completely new cars, new drive trains, new production methods, new user interfaces, and a new design language to express all this innovation.

Designworks has been deeply involved in this endeavor from the beginning, providing our full suite of creative and strategic services to our parent company.



By leveraging our unique strengths in advanced design thinking we contributed to the designs of the vehicles, user interfaces, color and materials concepts, the brand logo, and created a new and meaningful expression of sustainability. Our forward-thinking approach also led to the development of the BMW i series sub-brand and its key brand elements.

For Designworks, involved in all design solutions for the BMW Group, the development of the BMW i family was more than just a design program. It was about creating a whole new business venture in close collaboration with BMW Group Design. The creation of the BMW i brand and the BMW i3 and BMW i8 is a testament to BMW Group’s commitment to constantly set new precedents in the industry.

Image of BMW i8 Concept, Design sketch


Image of BMW i interface design
Image of BMW i3 Interface Design Screen for Ecopro setting

With the BMW i brand, the BMW Group has all but reinvented individual mobility.


Image of BMW i3 logo development Image of BMW i logo development launch