Connecting the Future

Designworks and Konica Minolta explore the future connected workspace.

The role of the car is changing and, more and more, becoming a significant part of digital life. The car will no longer be seen as just the means of transportation from point A to point B but rather a third living space, along with the home and workplace, in a seamlessly connected ecosystem. Designworks has been immersed in researching and creating connected experiences in these three living spaces for quite some time.

Recently, Designworks partnered with Konica Minolta to research and understand phenomena shaping the future of the workplace and to come up with solutions. The first product to be developed as a result of this initiative is Edge, a server concept that unifies a company´s entire IT system, via a single centralized Workplace Hub platform,  that learns how people behave through a cognitive layer to make work more effective.

For the Edge concept, the design team set out to question the current stereotype for servers , where security is only for experts, and instead create a more  user-centric, simplified experience.

With its modern compact aesthetic, Edge speaks to everybody in the office, not just the IT expert. Elevated to become a lifestyle rather than an IT object, it harmoniously integrates into the work environment taking on a completely new role in the office.

With its hexagonal light ring and faceted surfaces Designworks has developed an icon for Konica Minolta that heralds a new design language and experience.

Two interfaces designed for different user groups.

Elegant, blended details. Designed for a life outside the server room.

Hexagonal light ring and faceted surface: An icon for Konica Minolta.