Konica Minolta Spoke

Design to enhance remote collaboration.

Living room, car and office – all of these locations have become significant building blocks of our connected life and an exciting exploration ground for designers to understand and shape our future life and work experiences. Designworks partnered with Konica Minolta on a project series, researching the phenomena shaping the future of the workplace. The second concept resulting from this project is SPOKE, a smart tool for remote collaboration, uniting the features of a server key, camera, bluetooth speaker and projector.

SPOKE speaks to employers who are eager to provide their workforce with equipment that equals the standards that tech savvy employees are used to in their private lives. As the workplace is becoming increasingly mobile, it helps to create freedom for you to work from anywhere, at any time.

Sharing and collaborating more efficiently.

Remote access to server files.

Different positions, different collaboration modes.

  • Conceived to enhance personal productivity and improve people´s collaborative and increasingly mobile work experiences
  • Office tool and lifestyle object that fits into any work related environment.
  • Employees can extend their personal lifestyle into work.
  • A solution that represents a completely new product type