Landscape Forms Metro40

People in Motion. Designworks performs global consumer research and design for urban furniture.

Landscape Forms, a leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor site elements for urban streetscapes and transit, approached us with the challenge of creating a new, integrated line that would be the most comprehensive of its kind on the market. The collection we crafted, called Metro40, offers flexibility in a global context, setting new precedents for functionality and aesthetics in the public urban realm, while extending Landscape Form’s leadership position in the industry.

As part of the design process, our interdisciplinary team engaged in extensive field work in six major Asian and ten major European cities, documenting a diverse range of public behaviors and environments. This thorough consideration of cultural and environmental experiences related to public space became the foundation for the development of a design concept based on mobility.


The precision engineering and movement of modern transit became the basis for graceful, continuous contours that twist and flow. These digitally designed, organic geometries were then brought to life through the innovative use of materials.

This integrated line offers urban designers, architects, and landscape architects a new paradigm in public amenities that elevates the functionality, comfort, and beauty of public spaces and transit systems. Offering a diverse range of elements, including furniture, transit shelters, bike racks, and LED lighting, Metro40 was designed to bring a sense of elegant playfulness to the public realm as they harmoniously relate to existing urban contexts.

Organic geometries brought to life through innovative materials.

Image of Landscape Forms Metro40 Collection Backless Bench
Image of Landscape Forms Metro40 Collection of Urban Furniture

Flexibility in a global context.

Image of Landscape Forms Metro40 Collection Gallery
  • Good Design 2011
  • FX Design Award 2010
  • Good Design Green 2010
  • IDEA Finalist 2010
  • ID Magazine Best of Category 2010