AI X Creativity: Insights from the AI-Creative Frontier

Embracing Creative Revolution

The evening’s beacon was a captivating panel discussion, cohosted by Designworks LA, AI LA, and CoMotion, expertly led by Paul Ferraiolo, Director of Creative Consulting here at Designworks Los Angeles.

The panel featured a constellation of creative minds: Connie Bakshi, Artist; Hassan Ragab, Computational Designer & Interdisciplinary Artist; Michael Fullman, Director, Designer, & Chief Creative Officer at VTProDesign; And Hussein Al Attar, Director of Automotive Design at Designworks LA.

Together, they traversed realms—what it means to be human, whether originality exists, dominant datasets, multi-hyphenates, the beauty of letting go and technological literacy—in their exploration, they began to illuminate a path to a future where AI amplifies our human creative potential, and opens up new worlds for us to explore not only as individuals, but as a collective.

A New World: “We can venture into creative fields we’re not professionally trained in, unleashing a whole world of creative potential not limited to a particular skillset”

A Spiral Process: “It’s not just a feedback loop, it’s more of a spiral. It’s about discovering who I am. And I come to a new conclusion, in a new dimension, every time.”

AI BRAIN PAINTING: "AI enables a new vernacular for the 
unsaid and seen — it becomes a paint-brush for subconscious thought."

Embracing the Unexpected: "You often start with AI by chasing the perfect image or outcome. But approaching it with openness and accepting the “happy little accidents” along the way is the whole point. You can go a whole different way than you originally expected."

Creating Cracks in Code – "Breaking things sparks creativity. I like to inject minoritized datasets into mainstream models because every once in a while, fragments of that dataset will create cracks in dominant code over time."

Everything is a Remix – "Originality is a made-up concept. Everything is a remix. You are the sum of what you see and experience." "It's ego that says we are able to create new things. Our ideas are an evolution of other ideas." "We're recursive. Originality is connected to ownership. But we don't own anything. We are always inspired by something even if we don't realize it. Knowing that I'm a part of a greater thing made my life easier. I don't bother with originality."

Cultivating Tech Literacy – "We need to increase accessibility in the whole Al ecosystem so that people feel like they can really learn, experiment and play with it." "Let's cultivate tech literacy. Let's find a way to get all artists and makers using Al. Yes, there will be a shift in labor - a fair creative economy and new infrastructure can only emerge from literate and informed conversations."




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