‘Ellectric’ Interview: Martina Starke, Munich Studio Director

“I am convinced that in the future, organizations will only be able to thrive if they listen to women and grant them access to leadership positions.”
Martina Starke, Studio Director, Munich Studio

ellectric is one of today’s most exciting online destinations for mobility and lifestyle with a feminine view. The global platform is purpose-driven and addresses mobility from all angles. And its founder, Britta Reineke, is making the entire topic more attractive and accessible to women.

At IFA’s SHIFT Conference in September, Martina Starke, Director of our Munich Studio met up with ellectric. For anyone who wasn’t there to eavesdrop: Here’s what they talked about (Spoiler: Martina tells ellectric how she got started in Design and also gives three pieces of advice to women who are in the beginning of their careers).

Get to know Martina Starke—where she started in design and how she is leading Designworks Munich now.