IAA Mobility 2021

IAA Mobility in Munich: 07–12 September 2021

This year sees the Internationale Automobilausstellung (IAA) move from its traditional home in Frankfurt to Munich. Often cited as the largest car show in the world, the IAA has reinvented itself to become the largest mobility trade show: In line with the changes in the automobile industry, the IAA is no longer “just” about cars. It’s about everything that makes and keeps us mobile. Under the name IAA Mobility, the trade fair is reinventing itself to address the topic of mobility as a whole and leaving the conventional trade fair halls behind in order to be present in many locations throughout the city.

This year, the IAA has around 700 exhibitors, including not only car manufacturers but also IT companies, suppliers, more than 50 bicycle manufacturers as well as numerous tech and mobility service providers.

Parallel to the exhibitions the IAA Conference is hosting many esteemed speakers, leaders and panel discussions on the topics of mobility, including Designworks’ own Holger Hampf and Anne Forschner.

Anne Forschner

Creative Director Automotive, Designworks

Anne works as Creative Director of Automotive Design at the Munich Studio of BMW Designworks. In 2009, she joined the BMW Group as an exterior designer for the BMW brand where she spent eleven years contributing to shaping the future of BMW. In 2021, eager to broaden her view on design, she moved on to BMW´s innovation studio, Designworks, a place where the word ‘beyond’ is the driving idea in every discussion, project and outcome. As Creative Director of Automotive Design with a wealth of industry experience, Anne functions as a connector and creative tie between BMW Design and Designworks. In this role, she ensures that Designworks’ innovative provocations are framed with the future of BMW in mind to maximize creative impact.

Designing Mobility Solutions | Friday, September 10th @ 10AM [CET]

A modern automobile no longer just gets us from A to B. A wide range of comfort functions, entertainment offerings, communication interfaces and digital services are at the heart of the driving experience. The car has long since matured into an interactive everyday companion. Vehicle designers are paving the way. The panel will be hosted by Martin Groschwald, CEO of Konzepthaus Consulting GmbH, and will feature Designworks Creative Director, Automotive, Anne Forschner together with CEO, Ferry Automotive, Inc, Kristian Russel and Airbus Chief Designer, Bruno Saint-Jalmes. How the role of creatives and the nature of their products is changing is the central point of discussion in this session.

Panel info and ticket links here: https://www.iaa.de/en/event/designing-mobility-solutions

Photo of Holger Hampf

Holger Hampf

President, Designworks

Designworks and Holger look back at a long and eventful history. Holger has been leading the three Designworks studios from its headquarters in California since 2017. Before he took over the position as Executive Creative Director at frog Design in Munich in 2010, Holger worked at Designworks from 1998–2010; from 2002 as the Director of Product Design. After his years at frog design, he returned to BMW Group in 2014 and to Designworks in 2017. At the BMW Group Holger held the position of Head of Design User Experience for BMW Group (2014–2018) where he led the digitalization efforts for the design team, as well as user interface design for all brands in the Group.


How Infrastructure and Design Shape the Future of Our Spaces | Wednesday, September 8th @3:00 [CET]

Cityscapes and our environment are changing rapidly. Digital influences and new designs are shaping a new image of a modern metropolis. This panel is about exploring how design reacts to these changes and how it effects the vehicles around us. Hosted by former BMW Design Chief Chris Bangle, Designworks president, Holger Hampf, together with Wayne Burgess, VP Design Ola Electric Ltd and Thomas Stellmach, expert on strategic sustainable urbanism, will discuss challenges and opportunities brought about by digitization, climate change, autonomous driving, as well as changing societal values and customer expectations.

Panel details here: https://www.iaa.de/de/veranstaltung/how-infrastructure-and-design-shape-the-future-of-our-spaces

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