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Born to Race

May 13, 2021

In the recent DesignTalk video ‘BMW M4 Coupe meets BMW M4 GT3,’ Michael Scully, Designworks Global Automotive Director, together with Anne Forschner, Exterior Designer BMW M4 Competition, provide design insights into the development of the new BMW M4 GT3 racing car and how it relates to its road-legal counterpart – the G82 M4.


In the side by side comparison, Michael and Anne explain how the design of the M4 production car provides a strong base for the functional geometry of a high-performance racecar. From the overall stance to iconic details that are adapted for track performance, the geometry of the M4 remains while being optimized in the GT3.


Through their discussion we learn about the design philosophy of both vehicles as well as the new BMW kidney grille, suitably modified to fulfill the cooling needs of the racing car.

“The [comparison] really demonstrates how great a base the M4 production car is for becoming a racecar. It has such iconic elements – geometry that really lends itself to being a high performance, efficient platform for a racecar.”

Michael Scully, Designworks Global Automotive Director


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