How Do We Reach a Sustainable Future? Nature Already Knows.

The Garden of Possibilities

What can be done in 300 miles? It turns out quite a lot in California. For starters, it’s possible to drive from Los Angeles to Monterey Bay in the new BMW iX on a single charge. You can also immerse in a diverse biosphere from mountains and deserts to oceans and forests. Dig beneath the surface and you’ll find a vast array of biomaterials—nature’s answer to sustainability and regeneration.

MATERIA: The Garden of Possibilities, part lab part garden, brings a diverse set of biomes together with the BMW iX to inspire designers, manufacturers, architects, builders and everyone in-between to look beyond the sustainable solutions we have today toward a regenerative future.

Designing with biomes is a shared process. You have to allow living organisms to grow and thrive for the design to be whole, making the process a collaboration with nature.
Hand touching moss.